Welding and Rigging


A qualified welder is a trades person highly skilled in cutting, gouging and welding processes to tack and weld fabrications and assemblies within a quality controlled environment. The welder will perform duties on existing and new structures.
A welder is usually but not exclusively found on commercial and industrial sites such as factories, assembly plants, refineries, shipbuilding and building construction. There can be specialty areas which can include underwater welding and welding non metal materials.
Welders often work in close relation with a number of other trades such as boilermaker, steel fabricators, electricians, sheet metal workers, industrial mechanics and mechanics to name a few. Its extremely important that the welder has a wide knowledge and familiarity of each of these trades to understand the scope of the job and what needs to be done in conjunction with the overlaying tradespeople.
The entry requirement for a first class welder is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing may be required.

Welders’ tasks may include:

  • Preheat thick metals to specified temperatures
  • Cleans and prepares metal surfaces for cutting or joining
  • Adjust controls on equipment to regulate voltage or amperage
  • Cuts metal using thermal or flame cutting devices
  • Studies blueprints and plans for specific job requirements
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of drafting
  • Ability to interpret test results in order to ensure conformity to specifications and requirements

Before engaging in business with any welding professional, be sure to check that the trades person is registered or licensed to conduct the work required.

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