Tiling Services


A tiling services tradesperson has the training, knowledge and ability in preparing, decorating and repairing interior and exterior decorative walls, swimming pools and spas along with a wide variety of other surfaces using ceramic, slate, stone or granite slabs tiling.
Tillers read detailed architectural plans and material specifications determined by the employer to meet layout and style requests. They apply a number of different surface preparation methods before applying the tiles such as metal mesh, anchor bolts and cement beds. They select, mix and apply mortar, cement or mastic and other adhesives to the tile in order for it to be set to the surface correctly. Tile setters lay tiles in different ways to form mosaics, creating beautiful decorative centerpieces to a wall or floor.
Tile setters must have an eye for detail and great design skills to create masterpieces with their craft. They often lay tiles down to create the design before finally setting them in place with permanent cement. Tile setters must be familiar with all types of fixing materials and tile types, as well as specialised tools used in the laying process including tile cutters, grinding and polishing machines.
Unlike many trades, tile setting has not advanced tremendously in technology to make the task less manual and laborious. While materials always improve the labour itself still remains manual. This is a factor that makes choosing the right and most qualified tradesman so important.
The entry requirement for wall and floor tiling is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. In most instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.


Tiling tasks may include:

  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces for tiling
  • Applying adhesives and other cements to hold tiles in place
  • Using plumb lines and squares to lay tiles in order
  • Operating hand tools and machinery to cut, trim and shape tiles
  • Laying tiles to for specific designs
Before engaging in business with any tiling services professional, be sure to check that the trades person can provide testimonials from other satisfied customers and examples of recent completed work that may help you decide on your trades person.

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