Roof Cleaning and Repairs

Roof cleaning and repairs specialists make repairs or replace flat or sloped roofs. They use varied waterproofing methods consisting of variants of materials and application style to fit the job. They install, replace and repair roofing tiles, shingles, sheet metal and other forms of roofing waterproofing systems.
Before work begins on a job, a roofing specialist will determine what needs to be done to repair the roof in disarray. They will determine what materials can be repaired and what need complete replacement. Cost estimates and the length of time a job will take will be estimated before commencement of work.
Roof cleaning and repairs tradespeople may be employed by large roofing companies or be self employed. Roofers can be qualified in all facets of the roofing trade or be specialised into certain categories such as flat roofs to slight sloped roofs, commercial or industrial building roofing to the standard sloped residential roof.
Key qualities a roofing tradesperson possesses are mathematic estimating ability, manual dexterity and the ability to work as part of a larger team on building sites in some instances. The environment the roofer works in is quite varied ranging from extremely cold exposed conditions to very hot during summer months. Roofing is a very physically demanding trade as the tradesman must be able to lift heavy things, climb ladders, sustain long periods and kneeling and bending and balance on often slippery and uneven surfaces.
The entry requirement for a roofing tradesperson is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. In some most relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.


Tasks of a Roof cleaning and repairs tradesperson may include:

  • Laying, repairing and replacing roof tiles
  • Ability to recognise worn, broken or faulty roofing materials
  • Stapling and nailing roofing underlay to roofs
  • Securing ridge and edge tiles in mortal
  • Sizing and cutting waterproofing roof materials to fit around air vents and chimneys
  • Roof restoration
  • Roof Cleaning
Before using any roofing services tradesperson, be sure to check that the tradesperson is qualified to conduct the work required. Ask for testimonials or examples of previous work conducted from other satisfied customers.

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