Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics

A Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanic defines a tradesperson who is able to diagnose, repair, maintain and install a large variety of refrigeration and air-conditioning units for multiple purposes such as residential housing air-conditioning units to a butchers meat packing facility refrigeration unit. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems include: heating, humidification, ventilation and air exchange, air handling, cooling, air cleaning, cooling towers, evaporative condensers and heat pump equipment, controls and control circuitry.
Refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics have the training, skills and ability to use specific trade tools, diagnostic instruments, elements of refrigeration, refrigerants and oils. They must understand and be compliant with codes and regulation governing the industry as well as being aware of and have great knowledge of safety, electricity, plan reading, rigging and hoisting. 
The mechanic will require an understanding of equipment and devices such as: compressors, evaporators, metering devices, piping of refrigeration systems, condensers, receivers, controls and control circuitry, cooling towers, circulating pumps, air handling, and distribution equipment.
The entry requirement for a Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.


Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics tasks may include:

  • Drilling holes, installing mounting brackets
  • Bending, cutting and threading piping
  • Installing components such as motors and compressors
  • Welding, bolting and soldering
  • knowledge of information contained on drawings and schematics such as dimensions, tolerances and components 
Before engaging in business with any Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanic, be sure to check that the tradesperson is qualified to conduct the job you have. Asking for testimonials and examples of previous works completed will be advantageous in choosing your tradesperson.

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