The occupational title “Plumber and Gasfitter” denotes the trades person to have specific abilities and training to be able to repair and maintain piping systems and other systems and equipment associated with water distribution, waste water disposal and combustible gas systems.
As part of being classified as being a plumber, the trades person can perform all or some of the following tasks- drainage installation, waste, drains, cladding, vent piping and sewage disposal systems, plumbing appliances and fixtures, installation of hydronic heating and cooling systems, installation and maintenance of water distribution systems, maintenance and repair of plumbing and specialised piping systems.
As part of performing the duties sufficiently, plumbers need to know all laws, regulations and codes of practice associated with the trade and a large variety of equipment including piping systems and general plumbing components. They must have the ability to operate all equipment and machinery associated with performing plumbing and gas fitting tasks. Plumbers need a great understanding of mathematics and space visualisation.
The entry requirement for this specialised trade is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing is required.

Plumber and Gasfitter tasks may Include:

  • Installs all types of hot and cold water systems and associated equipment
  • Installs, tests and maintains piping systems for combustible gases
  • Installs gas appliances and relative equipment
  • Design and install sanitary plumbing and water supply systems
  • Installs effluent and sewerage disposal pump equipment
  • Install wall and roof cladding
  • May install and maintain pipes and appliances, flues and equipment associated with fuel gases
  • Assembles and installs mechanical services machinery, air handling and conditioning equipment.
Before engaging in business with any plumber and gas fitter professional, be sure to check that the trades person is registered or licensed to conduct the work required.

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