A locksmith is trained and highly knowledgeable in installing and maintaining locks and locking mechanisms as well as security and alarm systems. Locksmiths inspect a range of different residential, commercial and industrial sites to assess risk and consult for the best solution available for securing the premises. A locksmith will recommend, design and install suitable systems including locks, safes, alarms, security doors and access control systems.
A locksmith must have great attention to detail, the ability to read detailed plans and scope different jobs from pricing to choosing the equipment installed and tools used to complete the tasks correctly. Many locksmiths will specialise in particular areas within the trade such as key manufacture, lock manipulation, safe work and master key systems.
Modern day locksmiths need to be advanced in technology to have the understanding to recommend and install the latest in security and locking mechanisms with the highest technological advancements. Locksmiths often work odd hours and can be called out to jobs any time of the day or night.
The entry requirement for a locksmith is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing is required.


Locksmiths tasks may include:

  • Determines the clients particular security needs and makes recommendations
  • Designs and installs security and alarm systems
  • Fits and installs locks to doors and windows
  • Tests performance of locks and alarm systems installed
  • Install highly advance computerised security systems
  • Estimate cost and time involved on jobs
  • Open doors or padlocks by manipulation
Before engaging in business with any locksmith professional, be sure to check that the trades person is registered or licensed to conduct the work required.

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