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This specialised tradesperson glazier has the training, knowledge and ability to install, replace glass components and products for all residential, commercial and industrial sites. A glazier can perform these tasks on buildings, cars and any other forms containing glass or windows. A glazier can prepare for the task at hand by handling, cutting, shaping and fabricating glass to specifications for certain jobs.
A glazier can install new glass structures from plans within building structures or repair existing glass materials in need of restoration or repair. To perform the duties effectively the glazier will know all applicable codes and regulations in line with the trade. A glazier will be highly skilled in the use of hand tools and power tools and specialty layout tools.
The increasing use of pre made windows and glass doors has altered the standard or typical tasks of the glazier. Improvements in thermal capacity of modern glass and the demand for more visual exposure through windows has resulted in larger modules that are heavier with a higher level of danger, requiring increased knowledge of rigging and hoisting to avoid material damage.
The entry requirement for a glazier is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification.

Glazier’s tasks may include:

  • Examine specifications and project plans for installation
  • Measuring, marking and cutting glass
  • Install glass windows, mirrors and doors
  • Determine the type and size of glass required for the job
  • may coat, cut, etch, trim or treat glass to achieve special effects
  • Specialise in stain glass windows 
Before engaging in business with any glazier professional, be sure to check that the tradesperson can provide testimonials from other satisfied customers and examples of recent completed work.

Find Australian Glazier now!