Garden and landscaping Services

A garden and landscaping services professional assesses work areas and makes informed decisions and recommendations as to the design and layout of gardens. An important part of the process is choosing plants, trees and flowers to fit with the design, which are also geographically suitable and logical for the job. Certain plant life flourish in specific areas across Australia, and it’s the tradepersons job to know the ins and outs of where certain species thrive.
Garden and Landscaping tradespeople need great planning and design skills. They need to have a clear vision of how the job will run and the process behind completing the work correctly. Detailed plans are usually drawn up and provided for discussion before any work is undertaken. Plans may include walk ways, paths, water features, ponds and rock formations. All of which will form part of the grand scale landscaping service provided by the professional.
Other services may include constructing large garden features such as barbecue areas, play equipment, garden furniture, fences, trellises, decking and pergolas.
The entry requirement for garden and landscaping services is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification.


Garden and Landscaping tasks may include:

  • Design plans and drawings of garden layout
  • Choose specific plants and flowers suited to the geographic area
  • Prepares quotes and time estimations for jobs
  • Prepares area for landscape design by clearing debris and clutter
  • Designs and constructs paths, water features, rock formations and pergolas
  • Conducts formative pruning
  • Constructs open areas using wood, gravel and paving
Before engaging in business with any garden or landscaping services professional, be sure to check that the tradesperson is considered reputable and has great historic references before they conduct the work required.

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