Floor Finisher


Floor finishing professionals install, repair and replace a large range of floor coverings. They work with vinyl, carpets, resilient tile, all types of wood flooring, sheet flooring, laminate and artificial turf. Floor finishing tradespeople work within the residential, commercial and industrial segments.
In building construction, floor finishers are most often the last trade to work on the site. Floor finishers ideally begin their work once all amenities have been connected and the building is in the finishing stages.
Extensive preparation is involved for floor covering installation involving inspecting, measuring and cleaning all surfaces to which the new flooring surface will be installed. Preparation usually includes correcting and patching imperfect surfaces such as cracks holes and chips using filling and sanding wood substrates and underlying panels.
Floor finishing tradespeople can specialise in certain facets of the trade such as resilient flooring or carpets. This particular tradesperson will work closely with related trades such as interior designers and cabinet makers.
The entry requirement for floor finishing is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.

Floor finisher tasks may include:

  • Measuring, cutting and fixing underlay materials
  • Preparing surfaces for covering or repair
  • Laying covering and finishing materials over a floor
  • Matching patterns and cutting shapes to fit around fixtures
  • Quotes and estimates time required for specific tasks
Before engaging in business with any floor finishing professional, make sure you check that the tradesperson is considered reputable and has great historic references before they conduct the work required.

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