Fence Construction


Fencing construction tradesmen are trained and knowledgeable in constructing fences such as wooden paling and picket fencing. They must have an understanding of land titles and where to construct new fencing on properties. Fencing specialists erect and repair many types of fences and gates
Fence construction specialists remove portions or complete fencing that is damaged or no longer standing the way a fence should. They recommend and quote on the type, height and style of fence that will replace the historic fence being demolished.
The entry requirement for this occupation is completion of compulsory secondary education or higher qualification.


Fence construction tasks may include:

  • Provides quotes and time estimations
  • Demolishes and removes old historical fencing in need of replacement
  • Lays out fence line and marks positions for post holes
  • Lays out building materials in preparation for construction
  • Positions posts in concrete in previously dug holes
  • Attaches fencing frames to secured posts
  • Attaches fence palings to framing to form the paling fence
  • Constructs gates and doors throughout the fence structure
Before engaging in business with any fence construction specialist, be sure to check with the listing business that the tradesperson is qualified to complete the appliance repair task. Ask for examples of previous jobs that may resemble the task at hand.

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