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What kind of service does TradesLocator.com.au provide to consumers?

TradesLocator.com.au is an online directory of Aussie tradesmen. Consumers have the ability to search for specific trades and services, servicing areas across Australia. 

Our home page search functionality enables users to find local tradesmen with ease. Specify your required trade or service and a suburb or postcode to display your results.


What type of businesses advertise through TradesLocator.com.au?

All businesses advertising through TradesLocator.com.au provide either a trade or service to consumers across Australia.

For further details on trades and services categories or businesses listed on TadesLocator.com.au, click here.


How do I search for tradesmen or services?

TradesLocator.com.au makes searching for local tradesmen throughout Australia easy. Two search methods can be found on our homepage.

  • Browse - Our map based search provides the ability to search within each Australian state. Simply click on your state followed by region or suburb and enter the trade or service required and click "Search" to display your results.

  • Search - Our quick search functionality provides the ability to enter in your suburb or postcode and the trade or service you require, click "Search" and businesses servicing your requested area will be displayed.


How do I search for tradesmen or services in my area?

When searching for tradesmen, make sure you specify your local area within the search functionality. This will return results of businesses servicing your particular area.

If your search returns no results, be sure to check surrounding suburbs, for a wider search area. 


I've found a list af tradesmen that service my area, what do I do next?

After you have entered in your required trade or service and specified your area, a list of businesses available will be displayed on our "Search Results" page.

Browse through each business description displayed on the search results page. For further details on the trade or service business, click through to their main details page.

Make your choice of tradie based on information provided to you by the advertising business to get your job done right. 

Full business contact details are provided to you through the details page. 


Why cant I find the tradesmen I need in my area?

  • There are no tradesmen listed under the trade category you have chosen.
  • There are no tradesmen advertising through TradesLocator.com.au in the area you specified in your search criteria. 

For greater search results on tradesmen servicing your area, make sure you have "Surrounding Suburbs" checked, providing a wider search area for the category you are searching.


Does TradesLocator.com.au guarantee work completed by tradesmen listed on this site?

TradesLocator.com.au does not guarantee any form of work completed by any business advertising on our site.

TradesLocator.com.au has no further affiliation with listed businesses other than to promote the business to consumers through online advertising within local areas.

We highly recommend that you request verification of trade certification and examples of previous work completed before any work is conducted.

For further information, please read through our legal information.


Can I list my business on TradesLocator.com.au?

If your business can provide a trade or service to the public, you are eligible to advertise your business on TradesLocator.com.au.

Simply sign up online for immediate advertising exposure in your area, or contact us for further information regarding your online advertising potential. 


For further questions or information on TradesLocator.com.au, contact us by clicking here