Electricians and Electrical Services


Electricians are defined as a specialised tradesperson, with the training and ability to perform design, installation, testing and troubleshooting of high standard electrical systems which provide power to all types of new and old residential, commercial and industrial structures.
Electricians read and interpret electrical, architectural and mechanical drawings and electrical code specifications to determine optimum wiring layout and implementation. They bend, cut, thread, assemble and install conduits and other types of electrical conductor fittings and enclosures. They must have high levels of detail to install and maintain distribution and control equipment such as circuit breaker panels, switches, relays and fuse enclosures. They install single and multi-wire cable, above and underground- install data cabling and maintain fibre optic and signaling systems.
Electricians are required to have a good mechanical understanding and ability, a high knowledge of the principals of electricity, power distribution systems, circuitry and be familiar with standard construction and building processes.
The entry requirement for the specialised trade Electrician is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing is required.

Electricians and Electrical Services tasks may Include:

  • Connects all types of electrical systems to a power supply
  • Can install, maintain and repair all electrical equipment such as lighting, water heaters and additional power points throughout a house.
  • Installs and maintains electrical switchboards
  • Install complex data cabling
  • Measures cuts and installs plastic conduits and completes wiring
  • Tests continuity of existing or new circuits
Before engaging in business with any electrician and Electrical services professional, be sure to check that the tradesperson is registered or licensed to conduct the work required.

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