Concreting Services

Concrete specialists complete a wide range of services relating to concrete and concrete finishes. Concrete tradespeople pour, spread, even out, finish and protect concrete surfaces. They work on a wide variety of structures and surfaces such as walls, floors, sidewalks, driveways, bridges and tunnels. They also chip, texture, decorate, grind and cure finished concrete work and are also capable of repairing existing, damaged concrete work. They install expansion joints and edge the concrete surfaces and install a variety of fixtures such as door sills, steel plates and anchor bolts.
Concrete specialists also apply important membranes and waterproofing products to concrete to prevent short term damage. To be able to do the task at hand, concreters must have a great knowledge of properties of all types of concretes and the mixers, correct properties and additives to effect the concretes strength, setting and curing times, finish and durability.
Specialisation is quite common within concreting as they may work with specific materials such as exposed aggregates, coloured concrete and various epoxies or specific techniques using power toweling equipment or finishing gutters and curbs.
The entry requirement for concreters is completion of compulsory secondary education or higher qualification.

Tasks of a concrete specialist may include:

  • Completing concrete form work and laying steel reinforcements
  • Pouring, spreading and evening out concrete using specialised tools such as screeds or templates
  • Operating toweling machines to float, trowel and polish concrete surfaces
  • Shaping, smoothing and polishing cement
  • Repair existing damaged concrete surfaces
  • Apply various finishes for decorative effect
Before engaging in business with concreter, be sure to check that the tradesperson is qualified to conduct the job you require. Asking for testimonials and examples of previous works completed will be advantageous in choosing your tradesperson.

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