Computer Services

Computer services professionals are knowledgeable and highly skilled in all or specialised aspects of the computer industry. Professional services can be engaged for a small task such as upgrading and installing new and improved graphics cards, up to building complex high performance machines for networked business ventures.
A computer services technician must have great technical ability, problem solving skills, they must have a high level of detail to build complex motherboards and install components. They can build single machines to working order, up to fully networked multi workstation setups. They must have a great understanding of operating systems and associated software to set correct drivers and install methods for components within the computer.
Computer services professionals can specialise in many different areas of the industry such as database skills, computer networking, hardware which is component based or software on which the computer runs. A wide variety of software is available for computers to do many different tasks, from building spreadsheets, to designing buildings and houses. Most businesses and individuals purchase software as an add on to normal operating systems to complete tasks they require.

Computer Services tasks may include:

  • Build new computers using new components
  • Repair faulty hardware within computers
  • Install operating software to run windows
  • Upgrade current components and equipment
  • Small business networking for multiple PC’s
  • Partition hard drives
  • Install and network printers and other devices
Before using a computer services professional, be sure to check that the person is qualified to conduct work required. Be sure to ask for testimonials or examples of previous computer networking or repairs conducted from other satisfied customers.

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