Cleaning Services

Cleaning services tradespeople have a wide and varied range of services for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Tasks such as vacuuming and floor polishing are an example of cleaning services widely used in many different sectors. Cleaning services specialists can be used for major building site clean ups, removing large quantities of rubbish and unwanted building materials after the construction process has been completed.
Cleaners clean restaurants, office blocks, Industrial and domestic premises, machinery, windows and vehicles using portable cleaning equipment. Some cleaning tradies specialise in certain facets of cleaning such as carpets or external building windows.
Common tasks performed by cleaners may include mopping, vacuuming using industrial vacuum cleaners, internal and external window cleaning, scrubbing and cleaning many different surfaces and waxing floors. Cleaning services specialists often work all hours of the day. Shift work is quite common for cleaning office blocks as employers do not want staff interrupted during the normal working hours of a day.

Cleaning Services may include:

  • Cleaning and polishing hard surface floors
  • Vacuuming carpeted or hard surface flooring
  • Clear and clean general work areas and surfaces
  • Residential, commercial and industrial sites
  • Window cleaning services
  • Vehicle cleaning
 Before engaging in business with cleaning services professional, make sure you check that the trades person is considered reputable and has great historic references before they conduct the work required.

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