A carpenter is a specialised trades person who has the training, knowledge and ability required to construct, renovate and repair institutional, commercial, industrial and residential buildings constructed of concrete, steel and timber materials. Carpenters fall under a wide range of tasks from the building and construction industry, a larger number of carpenters and specialising within certain areas such as interior systems and scaffolding, concrete forming, framing and finishing.
Carpenters work in varied environments ranging from houses under renovation and construction, businesses that prefabricate building materials or commercial/industrial sites. Carpentry is a physically demanding trade, requiring lifting of heavy materials and equipment.

This profession is primarily a work based training trade. Mentoring of apprentices and workers ensure the increased levels of skills required compete all duties required to become a highly skilled carpenter.

Though not a requirement of this trade, some major competencies of the carpenter include good knowledge of mathematics, the ability to use imperial and metric measurements. An understanding of the building industry as a whole is highly valuable, as the carpenters role is so varied on the job site.
The entry requirement to become a carpenter is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing may be required.

Carpenters tasks may Include:

  • Construct concrete form-work
  • Assemble pre made wood structures and fittings for installation
  • Works with metals, Perspex and plastic laminates
  • Choose and order timber and construction material for the project
  • Construct and install doors and window framing
  • Erect housing framework
  • Can build residential fencing  

Before engaging in business with any Carpentry professional, be sure to check that the trades person is registered or licensed to conduct the work required if needed. Be sure to ask for testimonials from other satisfied customers of your chosen trades person.

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