Bricklaying Services

The trade “bricklayer” specifies a tradesperson who is able to build walls, arches, floors, paving, partitions and fire places along with many other structures constructed of either brick, pre-cast masonry products, stone, concrete blocks and other masonry units. Bricklayers work on varied work sites including industrial, commercial and residential projects.
A bricklayer has specific qualified skills in a large range of tasks which are vital to building a structure from brick or associated material. Skills include drafting and the ability to read complicated blueprints, high level of understanding of mathematics, and the ability to work with artificial and natural stone materials using varied related equipment, including small hand tools up to large work site equipment to align, cut, adjust and trim all bricks, concrete blocks and other masonry related material.
Bricklayers perform vital tasks in renovations and erecting new residential residencies. The tradesperson requires a high level of skill and experience to conduct at the highest standards, the varied tasks of being a bricklayer. It's always a good idea to view previous work completed by the tradesperson before engaging their services.
The entry requirement to specialise in bricklaying is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing may be required.

Bricklayers’ tasks may include:

  • Draw and understand detailed plans and specifications
  • Operate brick and masonry cutting equipment
  • Lay bricks and paver's in sand
  • Maintains and repairs existing brick or related material structures
  • Lays bricks to form shapes and designs or walls using mortar between joints
  • Seals foundations before erecting brick structures
Before using any bricklaying professional, be sure to check that the tradesperson is registered or licensed to conduct the work required if needed. Be sure to ask for testimonials or examples of previous work conducted from other satisfied customers.

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