Appliance Repairs and Installations

Appliance service technicians determine the problem or failure through a range of diagnostic tests. Based on their findings they provide costing and timing estimations on how long the job will take. They may provide maintenance and installation services for varied household appliances. They may disassemble appliances, remove, and repair or replace minor or vital components of the appliance to restore it to fully working order.
Appliance repairs and installation trades people may specialise in specific types or brands of appliances. They may be employed directly by a specific appliance provider or be self employed servicing and installing a range of appliances.
Key attributes of a quality appliance repairs and installation tradesperson are excellent problem solving skills, communication and organisational skills. At times this particular trade can be quite physical having to lift and maneuver large and heavy household or commercial appliances. There are many risks involved with this trade including electric shocks, burns, cuts and muscle strains.
Some examples of household appliances a appliance repairs and installation specialist may work with are: microwave ovens, televisions, stereo systems, electric water heaters, air conditioning units, heating systems, dishwashing units, fridges, deep freezer units, clothes washing machines, clothes dryers and ovens to name just a few

Before engaging in business with any appliance repairs and installation specialist, be sure to check with the listing business that the tradesperson is qualified to complete the appliance repair task.

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